Geely Auto Group Unveils Intelligent Geely 2025 Strategy


  • Roadmap to boost Geely Auto Group Sales to 3.65 million units
  • Intelligent Geely 2025 outlines Geely Auto Group’s future development roadmap with electrification and sustainable mobility as central components
  • BEV, HEV, and long-range PHEV models with range reaching 200km to become core part of offerings
  • Geely to intensify commitment to sustainable development with promise to reduce total emissions by 25% by 2025 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2045


 2021 November 01, Hangzhou Bay. Geely Auto Group announced its “Intelligent Geely 2025” strategy that will continue to keep Geely Auto Group at the forefront of the global automotive industry at a technology focused event at Geely Auto’s Research Institute in Hangzhou Bay. The release of the “Intelligent Geely 2025” strategy and the launch of the “Leishen Power” brand represent an acceleration of the Group’s goal of becoming a technology-led global automotive group committed to technological innovation and aims to boost Geely Auto’s sales to 3.65 million units per starting from 2025.

A central element of “Intelligent Geely 2025” is the launch of the “Leishen Power” brand. “Leishen Power” is positioned as a leading intelligent high-efficiency powertrain solutions provider. The products of “Leishen Power” include the Leishen Hi-X smart hybrid powertrain platform, high-efficiency hybrid transmissions, high-efficiency dedicated hybrid engines, and a new generation E-Drive motor. Empowered by Leishen Power technologies, Geely aim to offer consumers a diverse range of electrified mobility including ultra-reliable HEV, 200km long range PHEV, and ranged extended models.

Over the next five years, Geely will launch more than 25 new smart vehicle products, opening the doors to a new era of smart mobility.

  • Geely Auto will release more than 10 intelligent and electrified models powered by Leishen Power hybrid powertrain solutions.
  • Geometry brand will launch at least 5 new models starting from 2022 developed on pure electric platforms and the SEA architecture for the mainstream market segment.
  • Lynk & Co will launch more than 5 new smart models, further diversifying its product range.
  • In 2023, Geely Auto Group will launch a new battery swapping mobility brand and 5 new smart battery swapping pure electric models, providing users with new options for intelligent zero-emission mobility.

Earlier in the year, Geely announced that by 2025, the Group would achieve 3.65 million units in annual sales across the Geely Auto, Lynk & Co, Geometry, and Zeekr brands. The premium electric vehicle brand Zeekr alone would contribute 650,000 units in annual sales by 2025.

Geely sales goals are not limited to China – by 2025, the Group aims to achieve exceed 600,000 in overseas sales. The Geely Auto brand will focus on developing the Eastern Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and South America markets as well as introducing new energy products to EU and Asia-Pacific markets. Lynk & Co will expand its global presence by entering Russia, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand among others. Geely will also continue its support for PROTON with the goal of making the brand No.1 in Malaysia and top 3 in ASEAN markets with further introduction of new technologies and products.


Intelligent Geely 2025 aims to establish a “Intelligent Geely Technology Ecological Network” which realizes full-stack independent R&D of core technologies and smart vehicles while building ecological alliances around chips, software, operating systems, intelligent connectivity, and satellite networks. The strategic mission is to build a technology-led global automotive group and future core competitiveness in smart vehicles based on smart architectures, smart drive, and smart cockpits.

Faced with highly differentiated global standards and consumer demands, Geely Auto and Volvo Cars have developed have four world-class intelligent modular architectures; the BMA, CMA, SPA, and SEA fully compatible with a diverse range of powertrains systems including pure gasoline, HEV, PHEV, and BEV. Through modularization, Geely architectures have improved R&D efficiency by 30%. At the same time, Geely has also developed an advanced electronic and electrical architecture, GEEA2.0 which acts as a central nervous system for vehicles.  In the future, GEEA2.0 will evolve to GEEA3.0 opening the door to an era where smart cars are not limited to domain control but also having access to a centralized cloud computing capabilities.


The chip is the foundation of a vehicle operating system and a limiting factor in the future intelligent experience. Today, Geely has self-developed a smart cockpit CPU, SE1000, which has adopted a 7nm architecture and will enter mass production after passing certification in early 2022.  The SE1000 will become China’s first vehicle SOC with a 7nm architecture. In the future, a 5nm integrated vehicle CPU and high computing power autonomous driving chip will be launched to meet the computing needs of high end autonomous drive functions.

Geely is committed to creating an integrated vehicle software user experience through building a full-stack development ecosystem covering electronic and electrical architecture, vehicle software, cockpit software, and autonomous driving software. To this end, Geely has opened its software architecture to developers around the world with more than 1,000 API interfaces, software tools and platforms, and service partnerships with more than 1,000 digital partners. By 2025, Geely aims to push one to two FOTA upgrades every quarter covering full vehicle and powertrain solutions, allowing development of its vehicles to evolve from “manufacturer-led” to “user software and user co-creation led.”

With the future development of smart vehicles, data has become the driving force behind user experience. Geely Auto’s parent, Geely Holding Group has self-developed satellites and satellite networks designed for vehicle utilization to provide direct and accurate positioning services. Geely Holding has has now completed the deployment of 305 high-precision space and time reference stations. By 2026, Geely Holding will have completed the deployment of its Internet of Things communication network and low-orbit constellation. The high-precision surveying and mapping data of China will be completed by 2023 and provided to Geely Auto Group for use in enacting truly safe autonomous driving.

In smart drive, Geely will realized full-stack development capabilities of autonomous driving and accelerate the realization of its “zero accident, zero causality” vision. Geely will aim to build the “most reliable, safest, and responsible” autonomous vehicle in the industry. By 2025, Geely aims to realize the commercialization of L4 technologies and develop L5 autonomous drive.


Intelligent Geely 2025 focuses on three smart systems; smart power, smart manufacturing, and smart service’. In terms of smart energy, not only is Geely developing in the direction of hybrid power through its “Leishen Power” brand, the Group is also advancing in electric power and alternative fuels.

Geely’s development in electric power has quietly advanced to industry leading levels. In batteries, Geely has fully mastered module and battery pack technologies and is ramping up the mass production of batteries. The Group has already established joint ventures for battery production plants with CATL and other strategic partners. In terms of electric motors, Geely has developed advanced 800V technologies including silicon carbide power modules, and high-efficiency oil-cooled motors. By 2023, Geely will begin mass-production of its silicon carbide power modules.


In battery swapping, Geely Technology Group is one of the world’s leaders in the field and has participated in the formation of national battery swapping standards. By 2025, Geely will deploy 5,000 battery swapping stations across 100 cities.

Geely Technology Group has already established around 100 battery swapping stations across China that can swap batteries in as fast as 59 seconds using automated technologies that allows for safe operation. The driver simply enters into the station and leaves with a fully charged battery without having to leave the vehicle.

Geely plans to rapidly role out the service in coming months as more battery swap capable vehicles come into the market. Geely invested ride hailing service, CaoCao Mobility is already making use of the battery swap service in key cities across China, proving the technology is mature


In alternative fuels, Geely is the global leader in methanol vehicle and methanol fuel technologies. With more than 200 key patents, Geely is the only mass-producer of methanol vehicles. In 2022, Geely will launch the “Leishen Methanol Hybrid Engine.” The new engine will have a fuel consumption rate of 9L/100km, a 40% improvement from current generation methanol powertrain systems. By 2025, Geely aims to reduce consumption to 7.6L/100km further improving cost performance and helping achieve net-zero carbon emissions in combination with methanol syn-fuels.


In smart manufacturing, Geely has launched “Geely Industrial Internet Platform” GEEGA which was developed from Geely’s experience in automotive manufacturing but adaptable to all manufacturing. After integration of the platform in production plants, efficiency can be improved up to 22%. Manufacturing in “Intelligent Geely 2025” aims to achieve the three zeros of ‘zero waste water, zero landfill waste, and zero production waste’ in net zero carbon-neutral plants. Furthermore, through smart manufacturing, green energy, utilization of recycled materials, etc, the Group aims to achieve net-zero carbon neutral production.

Intelligent Geely 2025 represents an intensification to Geely’s commitment in sustainable development. Geely will make every effort to reduce total carbon emissions by 25% by 2025 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2045.  In addition, Geely hopes that by sharing its GEEGA industrial internet platform, waste and emissions can be reduced throughout its supply chain.

Technology has always been the driving force of Geely’s development and through Intelligent Geely 2025, technology will create an intelligent mobility experience that exceeds users’ expectations. Intelligent Geely 2025 is not only the future of Geely, it’s also bringing to the future to consumers around the world.


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