The name – BAJGER, is synonymous to the word – Trust, and today it is known for its expertise in the automotive industry in Iraq.

One of the most trusted corporate houses in Erbil, Bajger’s history goes back as early as 1947, when Haji Yahya Saeed Bajger opened a small textile shop in Erbil, in one of the oldest markets at the Town Centre – Erbil Citadel.

Though new to business, Haji Yahya Bajger’s innate sense of customer service and making the customer KING even back in 1947 helped him gain trust of all his business associates, stakeholders and customers. Together with a tradition of values, keen foresight and prudent planning, Haji Yahya, carefully mapped his vision and built his business on the principles and values taught by his forefathers for decades.  Keeping the tradition alive all these years, in the 1970s, the four sons of Haji Yahya Bajger: Dr. Nawzad Bajger, Mr. Azad Bajger, Mr. Talat Bajger and Mr. Sabah Bajger further diversified the family business – CIHAN Group’s businesses based on their father’s principled cornerstones.  Needless to say, the legacy created meticulously by one visionary has now become one of the leading business conglomerates in Kurdistan and Iraq.

By 2010, the 3rd generation members of Bajger family have steadfastly evolved, catering to the modern outlook and quickly emerging as the future leaders in the industry.  Utilizing the combined experience of more than 2000 man-years in automotive and related businesses, the young and aspiring business leaders are following best practices in the industry and proven management principles, with a clear vision to convert any promising brand to a successful one.

Today, with the impressive lineage and experience of dealing in many reputed and globally admired automotive brands, BAJGER Co. is passionately committed to bringing the latest technology, feature packed and sophisticated mobility solutions, in order to serve the needs of Iraqi market and providing the customers with what they need.  Going one step further, Bajger Co is attempting to predict the customer’s needs in the future.

BAJGER Co. promises and looks forward to serving the People of Kurdistan and Iraq, with the best automotive products and services.

Call us to serve you better: +9647505300000

Our Geely Head Office & Showroom: 100M Street, Opposite Cihan University, Erbil-Iraq.

Our Core Values


that leads to loyalty


that can help us achieve our goals together


that leads to commitment


that makes one accountable

Respect of Communication

Respect for TeamWork

Respect for Community

bajger Vision

To become one of the leading automotive solution provider in the Region and to make Geely as the preferred & trusted choice of Customers, by offering the technologically advanced, reliable and safe vehicles.

Our Mission

Increase the market-share of Geely products by designing the right marketing strategies, and executing them effectively.  Aligning the brand strategies with the local customer voice, sentiments and needs.