Geely Corporate Social Responsibility

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (ZGH) believes that the formation, development, and continued operation of an enterprise is not only to produce economic value, but also to create social value and fulfil its social responsibilities. Only with both taken into consideration can enterprises develop in a sustainable way.

Making the safest, most eco-friendly and energy-efficient cars

In order to develop sustainably, enterprises must go beyond just complying with laws and regulations. They need to implement high standards of ethics throughout their operation and give back to society and their customers. Giving back to society and customers, ZGH has developed a social responsibility strategy that is integrated throughout the group’s operations which lays the foundation for the group to become a globally respected enterprise.

Let the world feel love

We use “Let the world feel love “as our vision for social welfare with a focus on education and environmental protection. Our social welfare projects cover three areas of public interest, culture, poverty alleviation, and support for the underprivileged.

Geely Social Welfare

Geely vision for social welfare is to “Let the world feel love” with a focus on education and environmental protection.  Our social welfare projects cover three areas of public interest – culture, poverty alleviation, and support for the underprivileged. Our targeted social welfare projects follow four core principles in order to solve societal issues, discovering the root of the problem, achieving community integration, promoting the in-depth participation of stakeholders, and developing a sustainable social welfare model. 

For 5 consecutive years, Geely has helped the Han Hong Love Charity Foundation in their “100 people medical aid project” by donating 135 SUVs worth more than RMB 16 million. The charity has already helped countless lives in Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Guizhou, Gansu, Ningxia through the establishment of medical clinics, medical treatments, and medicine delivery.

Together, Geely has accompanied Han Hong and her volunteer team through five western Chinese provinces, autonomous regions, and 59 cities and counties.

Education & Development

Geely HOPE – Green Pathways program has been operational since 2014 working hard to help youth and students in underprivileged areas across China to gain access to a fair education system and provide opportunities for development and professional grooming.

Since 2014, the “Geely HOPE – Green Pathways” program has been helping youths and outstanding students in underprivileged areas all around China obtain fair education and development opportunities.

Geely Hope – Green Pathways program has already provided funds to schools and students in multiple areas. The funds provided by Geely have been utilized for sports equipment, Physical education courses, setting-up recruitment centers for a national volunteering program to help underprivileged youth, and bringing a ray of hope to thousands of underprivileged youth by offering them the opportunity to fulfill their potential and pursue their dreams.